When you talk to someone, do you mention the same word after every 10 words out of your mouth? Let’s hope not, for your sake. So, why would you do it on your website?

Today’s SEO experts recommend a keyword density of up to 10 percent, depending on the amount of content on your page. That basically means you would repeat one keyword or phrase until it makes up 10% of all text on the page. So if you’re targeting the words “SEO copywriting service,” those words would be splattered all over the place.

Have you ever seen a site like that? It’s not pretty. And while it may help boost your site a few spots on Google, you’ll probably be left with awful copy that is often unreadable by a human being.

Sure, marketing tests reveal that most website visitors barely read your copy anyway. But if you have a high-end retail site, or an information-based portal, with visitors who are more prone to absorbing the content you’re providing, then your crazy SEO tactics could actually be doing more harm than good.

Good SEO copywriting isn’t just about keyword stuffing. It’s about making your page more relevant for your visitors. Search engines like Google use highly sophisticated algorithms to determine the importance and relevance of your site. In short, they can tell when you are trying to beat the system, as opposed to optimizing your site to make it more useful.

Search engine optimization (specifically the optimization of page text) must be done carefully and cleverly. It needs to be done by copywriters who are fluent in the language and capable of inserting the appropriate keywords without junking up your site. A 10 percent keyword density might be extreme in some cases, but good SEO copywriters can achieve it without tripping up even your most discerning readers.