Behind every great marketing piece is a copywriting service, copywriter or designer who had to create the whole thing from scratch. It doesn’t matter if you used your in-house creative staff or outsourced the project. Somebody somewhere took the details of the project and used their creative liberties to make your business sound great — as any copywriting service should do.

It’s during this writing process that some of the best ideas are made. And, copywriters will virtually put themselves in the shoes of your company’s decision-makers as they promote your products and services. But here’s the problem. If your business approves that copy without executing the ideas presented in the writing, then chances are your marketing piece will be promising too much.

Let’s look at an example.

A printing company in Orlando, Florida hired a local freelance copywriter for a rush project: a 25-page website, SEO, blog, articles — the whole shebang. Somewhere deep in the copy, this copywriter promised to customers that the printing company could handle any size project — specifically, “Even quantities over 5 million, in just 2-3 days!”

Turns out, this printing company could not possibly handle that type of load. Unfortunately the copywriter just didn’t know any better. They just wanted to make the printing company sound good. Well, it also turns out that no one at the company had bothered to read all 25 pages of copy before it went live. So, when the company got a call from a client who actually needed to make a 1+ million postcard campaign, the print company had to decline, regardless of what the website said. The biggest loss here? Credibility for the printing company. They couldn’t live up to the promises in their copywriting.

When hiring any writers, whether it’s a freelance copywriter, copywriting service, or a full ad agency, you must be sure to review all copy carefully before releasing it to your target audience. There might be some great ideas in that copy, but if your business can’t make them a reality, then it’s best to save those ideas for later.