Best writers in the business.

Copy Army is made up of a private network of skilled copywriters across the United States. Unlike other online writing companies, we don’t “crowdsource” to non-English-speaking writers overseas. We use only experienced, seasoned copywriters, and we complete the majority of projects at our offices in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.

When the project calls for it, we rely on our remotely stationed writers to tackle specialized topics or industries. For example, if you publish a retail fashion catalog, then one of our experienced product description writers would be put in charge of your project.


What makes our copywriters so good?

  • Extensive experience in a wide variety of industries
  • Skilled in all forms of marketing and media
  • Deep understanding of tried-and-true copywriting techniques
  • Exceptional command of the English language
  • Ability to understand the unique challenges of every business
  • Every new copywriter on our team must demonstrate exceptional writing ability before handling client work


Real writers. Real people. No “crowds!”

We understand that some web-based businesses may have a need for dirt-cheap copy in which quality and readability don’t matter. But we don’t operate that way. Unlike crowdsourcing companies, we don’t use “algorithms” or computer-based processes to “match” your projects with thousands of no-name writers. Instead, we go over the details of every project individually and we carefully assign it to the most appropriate writer on our team.

This careful process ensures that only the most qualified writer works on your project. End result: you get clear, effective copy that’s perfect, every time.


Always searching for new talent

Copy Army is constantly looking for new copywriters to expand its talented forces, so we can serve our clients even better. Are you an experienced writer? If so, we want you! Tell us about yourself, and we’ll contact you with more information on joining our team.