How much do product descriptions cost?

Our pricing for product copy is customized to your specific needs and goals. Some of the primary factors that influence these rates include:

  • Number of products needed
  • Desired word count of your product descriptions
  • Required keyword research, when applicable
  • Additional product research, if required

Each of these factors affects the overall time that our product description writers spend on your copy, and thus that time will affect your rate. But in general, we offer two convenient rate options for our clients: a monthly retainer or a per-product rate. Here’s a quick overview of both to help you understand which may be better for your needs.


Monthly retainer option

Most of our clients prefer the simplicity and cost efficiency of a monthly retainer. We recommended this solution to clients who have a predictable workload of product descriptions each month or an overall average for the year. We’ll use that average to create your custom retainer rate, which sets a maximum number of product descriptions each month. (We typically add a buffer into this maximum, so that if your needs fluctuate a little from month to month, or “go over” the expected max, we’ll happily accommodate it. Our goal is to define a rate that is accurately based on your needs, while adding measurable long-term cost savings.)


Per-product rate option

For clients that need only a small handful of products on a one-time basis, or those whose needs fluctuate wildly throughout the year, we may recommend working with us on a per-product rate. This rate is determined in part by the factors outlined above as they relate to the product, research and desired word count.


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You’re going to love how easy it is to work with us. To keep things simple and efficient, you’ll have just one point of contact — our Copywriter-in-Chief, Mike Marlin — who will communicate directly with you at all times. Unlike crowdsourcing companies, we don’t ship your writing jobs overseas. Everything is handled by our own private network of skilled product description writers. Learn more about our product description writers


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