Free Guide: How do Google Ads work?

Adwords lets you put small text ads in front of people who are searching Google for your products or services.

For example, let’s say you are a plumber in Lancaster, PA. With Adwords, you could create an ad for your business that would appear whenever someone in the Lancaster area searches for the word “plumber” in Google.

How to Advertise on Google

Pay only for clicks

You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, regardless of how many times it appears. The cost of each click varies based what you’re advertising and how many other businesses are targeting the same keywords.

Other factors that affect the cost include the quality of the ad copy, the relevance of the keywords, the page that people see after clicking on your ad and the numerous settings within your Adwords account. This is why it’s so important to use skilled Adwords specialists to manage your account for you.


You control how much you spend.

Google Adwords is based on a bidding system. Advertisers who bid more on a keyword (i.e. “commercial plumbing”) will have their ad placed higher on search results pages. As an advertiser, you have complete control over:

  • The max price you’re willing to pay per click
  • Total daily ad spend
  • How much you spend each month


Let us maximize your ROI.

Mike Marlin, Search Marketing Director

Mike Marlin, Search Marketing Director.

Because of the complexity of the Google Adwords system, it’s critical to use professionals. Copy Army help businesses generate bigger results from Adwords, for less money.

We offer straightforward pricing for our Adwords management services, based on your ad spend.

Led by Search Marketing Director Mike Marlin, we’ll help you reach more people online and turn them into paying customers.

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