Pricing for Adwords Management

Advertising on Google is cost-efficient and affordable for any business. You only pay for results: when people actually click on your ads. And you control the budget.


How much does it cost?

Google Adwords is based on a bidding system. Numerous factors determine how much Google charges for each click, including the quality of your ads, your account settings, and your online competition. This is why it’s so important to use experienced Adwords professionals to manage your account for you.

At Copy Army, we specialize in optimizing accounts to generate the best results for the least amount of money. We work hard to increase your ROI!


Competitive pricing

Our Adwords / PPC management pricing is simple, straightforward and based completely on your advertising budget. Here’s how it works:

  • You pay Google directly for your monthly ad spend. These are charges that incur only when people click on your ads. Your payment information is saved securely with Google.
  • You pay Copy Army a flat monthly fee to manage your Adwords account, plus a one-time setup account fee.


Based on your budget

As you’ll see in our pricing guide, we offer flexible pricing packages that are proportional to your monthly ad spend. google-dashboardEach package is designed to maximize the results from your specific ad spend. Regardless of which package you choose, our job is prove the value of Adwords and deliver a greater return on investment as your budget grows.


Download our free pricing guide.

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