Experienced Adwords Professionals

When you advertise on Google, it’s crucial to have experienced Adwords specialists to manage your account for you. This ensures your account is properly set up and optimized to increase results, lower costs and maximize your ROI.

Copy Army is a professional PPC management company and content marketing service, based outside Harrisburg, PA. Led by founder Mike Marlin, we are experienced Adwords specialists who manage campaigns for businesses across the United States.


Why Choose Copy Army?


  • Experience: 10+ years’ experience managing Adwords accounts
  • Customer retention: 85% of our clients stay with us for 2+ years
  • Growth: Our total managed account spend has increased 435% in the past 2 years
  • Skill: We are experts in the Adwords system, specializing in Search campaigns, cost reduction and boosting account performance
  • ROI specialists: We’ve helped reduced click costs by up 200% for some clients, while also maximizing click-through rates
  • Constant campaign edits: Good Adwords campaigns require constant management. We work in your account all month long to improve performance.
  • Monthly email reports: Clients receive a monthly breakdown of account performance and campaign changes performed
  • We’re copywriters, too! As a copywriting firm, our writers know how to create Adwords ads that increase clicks, generate more conversions, and improve Quality Score, thus lowering costs
  • Amazing customer service: We love our clients! We’re always available by email and phone whenever you have questions.


People-Powered PPC Management

Mike Marlin, Search Marketing Director

Mike Marlin, Search Marketing Director.

Until other Adwords management companies, we don’t rely on automated software to manage your account. When it comes to advertising on Google, the human element makes a huge difference. We know how to spot (and prevent) mistakes that are common to PPC management software and Adwords’ own automated features. All accounts are overseen by our Search Marketing Director, Mike Marlin. Additionally, our monthly reports are easy to read and understand. We go the extra mile to explain our strategies each month, so you know what’s happening in your account at all times.


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